The art of Liming – Barbados

View of the Beach

I got to Barbados on a Wednesday and my first question to my Bajan friend is: when do I get a taste of hanging out with other Bajans as a total immersion experience?

“So you want to do hang like we do? Cool, get ready as on Friday I am taking you liming!”


I got super excited as I was thinking that Liming was

some form of dance or art form – Thanks to my limited knowledge of English Speaking Caribbean socio-cultural practices.

I anxiously await for Friday unable to sleep out of sheer excitement!!

To my huge disappointment, the liming experience turned out to be just hanging out on Oistins listening to anything from Reggae, HipHop, Rap and very few Calypso music. I was sad not because I don’t like all those style of music but frankly I did travel that far, 100s of miles away from my house to experience the stuff I can get in my own backyard.


Barbadian culture is so rich and the society is Imageso proud of their heritage. When asked around, 3/4 of the population enjoys living in Barbados.. As a foreigner, my request to you is to provide me with more opportunity to get to immerse my self into the Bajan culture by listening to your music, experiencing your dance and taking in your culture particularities.




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