Haiti’s distinctive offering to the Latin America Region & the world

Haiti’s centralize location in the caribbean sea and its many ports make the country accessible by air or by sea for the delivery of goods and easy access for services. With a population of over 9 million people, it constitutes an open and viable market for goods and services produced by other countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. The nation also presents a tremendous workforce availability that businesses from the neighbor countries can strategically tap into.

 Distinctive and engaging products – music, cuisine, wood carving and intuitive painting.

The colonial heritage of Haiti adds to the diversity of the caribbean region. Haiti is the only independent country in the region with a strong French heritage.  Because of this cultural and language heritage, Haiti is the other country ( Cuba, Dominican Republic being the other two ) that ties the Caribbean countries to the Latin American region.  This heritage influences the country’s culinary, artistic and ways of life.

The principle music genres of Haiti: the Compas, Rasin, Rara  although use some similar instruments(drum, chacha) found in other Latin American & Caribbean rhythms, comes across as distinctive genres and as one hears them for the first time, you are automatically drawn into the beats and body movements as  the are also very engaging, contagious

The culinary richness of the island is also a gem.   This distinct flavor of the Haitian culture enhance the richness of the region. Some dishes found in other islands and South American countries like rice and peas, plantains, goat, chicken are of course part of the culinary repertoire of the country but distinctive dishes like  Lambi, rice with sundried mushrooms, pickleze just to name a few.

Haiti wood carving  is distinguished  by the high level of details on each piece.  Nothing is left to the imagination on a carved wood piece as every single angle is worked to perfection.

Illiteracy is a well known social challenge for the country yet the colorful, imaginative and  artistic skills of the local artist are reflected throughout the country on local transportation buses, painting(being sold on the streets), during carnival.

For better or worst, Haiti strategical geographical position in  the Caribbean and it’s culture heritage, artistic ability often goes unnoticed as the focus is always on the infamous title of being “the poorest nation in the western hemisphere”.


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